Sway Engineering Consultancy

About Us

Building Inspiring Spaces

With a strong track record of providing innovative, thoughtful design solutions, which are of their time and place in their exceptionally intense environment. Sway is at the forefront in the creation of the design of new sustainable environments which fit seamlessly, yet dramatically into the fabric of its place. By doing so the project location, regardless of its density, is blended to create a stage for people lives or the exchange of commerce in compelling and inspiring ways.

Our team is focused on understanding the program, process and outcome goals of both the client and the ultimate users. Our collective intent is to exceed the aspirations set forth in our initial series of goal setting meetings, and together to establish a framework for leadership aimed at solving these goals, effectively and efficiently. We provide these skills through an intense process covering all aspects of project evolution, from programming to architectural and engineering design to project supervision and completion startup.

Sway, a different concept, an exceptional result!

Meet Our Team

We approach our work from a team perspective. Each office, each person fulfills a specific role in the process, therefore no one can be weak or inattentive to the seriousness of the needs of the project and our clients objectives. Our selection of team members is a process to choose the correct skill for the correct role matching the needs of the individual project, with those capable to exceed project needs. This allows not just quality completion, but innovation to spread across the project as it proceeds.

Recent Works

Sway Engineering Consultancy is proud to serve its clients in engineering construction services in projects (government, commercial, residential), gardens, palaces, restoration projects and buildings rehabilitation.